Functional Test


All the Cross coupling Cable Protectors have to be tested to verify the function and performance.

(1).Fitting Test of protector to coupling

Every Cross Coupling Cable Protectors / Downhole cable Clamps are checked on the coupling accordingly to ensure correctly assembly and right for tubing. Special testing fixture and checking gauges are made with full size of different sizes of tubing and coupling.

(2).Torque test

The Cross Coupling Cable Protectors/ Control line Protectors stand Torque by the bolts locking of 30 ft./lbs. Torque test are done each lot to ensure the locking strength strong enough.

(3).Cable slippage test

The Cross Coupling Cable protectors/ Downhole cable Clamps also go through the Cable slippage test to over 500 N to ensure the cross coupling cable protector holding the cable correctly and strong enough and no damage to the cable during the downhole working.

(4).Drift test

Assembled cable protectors/Control Line Protectors are pass through the drift test to ensure that the protectors will pass through the specified Well Casing while installing them during the well completion.

(5).Axial load and side load test

The Cross Coupling Cable Protectors/Control Line Protectors are designed to stand 20 tons of Axial load and Side load. Special fixtures and test gauges are equipped to do the testing accordingly to ensure the strong enough structure designing and good performance during installation.