Material Test


1.Chemical Composition Testing

Chemical composition analysis to ascertain the chemical composition of each heat of steel by Spectrometer.

Specimen will be taken and tested both pre-pouring and post-pouring to control the chemical composition within the specification.

The specimens being tested also are kept well for two years ,and are available for re-checking upon request.

Material report with chemical testing results will be provided for each shipment.

2.Mechanical Property Testing.

(1).Metallographic Examination

Metallographic Examinations are done after heat treatment to check the microstructure of materials to ensure the proper Mechanical Property of the Cross Coupling Cable Protector

(2).Hardness Test

Hardness tests are checked in standard of Brinell and Rockwell, and compared with the standard of the material of the Cross Coupling Cable Protector.

(3).Mechanical Property Test

Mechanical Property Test are done each heat treatment to get the results of Tensile strength, Yield strength, Elongation ,etc, and compared with the standard of the material.