Guage or Safety Valve Clamps

CCCP special clamps for Gauge worked out succesfully

CCCP design and produce the special cross cover clamps for gauges, and this week, one type of 3-1/2″ Gauge Protector was worked out, the total length is 1550 mm long, the production mathod is investment casting by one piece design, and no loose parts.

Cross Coupling Cable Protectors (2)

CCCP production recovered fastly after Chinese New Year holiday, and two containers delivered to Clients

Cross Coupling Cable Protectors (4)After finishing the holiday for the Chinese New Year holiday,our team went back to the working position on time, and restarted production line by 25th Feb, and recovered the Cross Coupling Cable Protectors (CCCP) production fastly, and by this week, the first two containers of 10000 pcs of CCCP have been worked out, and delivered to our clients in India.